The quieter we become...

The Quieter you become…

Lessons learned in trying to slow down

A recent picture taken at Blakiston Falls, Waterton National Park.

I have a recurring fantasy, close to my house there is a store (thank you captain obvious), this store is called EB Games, they are ubiquitious to strip malls around the world, but for those who don’t know, it is a store that sells video games.

My fantasy invloves me being the manager of an EB Games store. Why? Because as an entrepenur I find myself in a state of constant stress. For the last 7 years I have been involved in a variety of business ventures, and as such, you already know the cliches I am about to drop. There are times of great fun and fulfillment and there are the other times. It is during such a moment that I find myself wishing for the perceived simplicities of running an EB games.

I fantasize about having to tell customers that there are no more of those retro mini Nintendo’s or having to get Karen take an extra shift becuase Kevin called in “sick” when we all know he is just hungover. The reality is I don’t want to try to talk people in to pre-ordering the new “Halo” game but rather I fantasize about the simplicity and predicitiblity that comes with such a job.

These are really exciting times for me an my new company, we have some big things on the horizon, but these new oppertunities come with new challenges, larger challenges than I have ever faced before. These challenges bring with them a stress level I have not yet faced. I don’t think there is anything I could honestly bring to the table that hasn’t been said before, so in this post I just wanted to share two things that really have helped, and they both involve a simple concept, Silence.

…The More you Hear. 


Everyone deals with stresses in their life differently, A trip to the gym, an extra piece of cake, cranking up some loud music (for me, all of the above). One strategy I had never really used is one of stepping away, as such that is exactly what I have tried to do. Rather than raging against the machine I have attemepted to turn the machine off. This is how…

Take a hike

I am lucky in that I live somewhere pretty amazing, I am a quick drive from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We try to take advantage of this scenery in our social media posts; so you could almost say it is my job to go find pretty places. I have tried to use this by making the trip by myself. Being alone up in the mountains is always humbling. The mountains don’t care about investors, they don’t care about you. 

I honestly feel it is important to feel small every once and a while, for not other reason than perspective. In the middle of crisis we tend to think that the world should be falling over to accommodate us. When you are alone in the wild, you get the realization that not only does the world not care about you, it is often trying to kill you. A hungry bear does not see a father of four, it sees food. Looking up at the waterfall in the above picture I felt small, and as I felt small, my problems shrank along with me.

Turn off the sound

As an avid listener of Joe Rogan’s podcast I have heard a thing or two about isolation tanks. A bath of 1100 lbs of salt water, set to your perfect body temperature. You enter a pod and float in the dark, for 90 whole minutes (minimum). To me that always sounded like a nightmare.

A few weeks ago I was at a party and was talking to a friend I had not seen in a while. He had contimlated opening a float spa in our area but someone had beaten him to the market. He raved about the benefits to the point where I was wondering about how much the new spa was paying him. 

However, Given my recent circumstances, his message hit home. The next day I scheduled a 90 minute session at the new Float spa. 

An Isloation float tank, simliar to the one I used.

The first 15 minutes were exactly how I though they would be. My fidgety, restless self realized that this was going to be a 90 minute nightmare of trying to sit still. As the minutes passed though I had glimpses of the potential, moments of pure quiet. I refelcted upon my family, my wife, and my business. I tried to zone out and embrace “Nothingness” and for a few brief moments it worked. I focused on my breathing and strethching out. Then after what seemed like 30 or so minutes the muscial cue came on to give me my five minute warning. My session was over.

I left the float spa feeling the relaxation of a long massage (with none of the awkward small talk). I also left feeling creative and most importantly, positve. The one thing I did not take with me from the float spa was a desire to sell video games.

So what now?

Our daily lives are bombared with messages, with media. The fact that you are reading this is a result of wanting to feed the beast. To consume it ALL. Here is what I learned, stresses in our lives are ever present and sometimes it causes our hardware to freeze up. When your phone is glitchy the first thing you do to fix it is to turn it off. ALL the way off. Then 9 times out of 10 it repowers to perfection. I think we are same, but we need to consiously turn off, to power down when we are awake. My small experiment showed me the value of silence, I hope it was loud enough to remember the lesson.

Co-founder of Molr Dental Club

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6 Reasons People Love Molr Dental Club

Nothing is better than a beautiful smile. We think it's the greatest thing there is, Our Mission is to protect your smile. One way we do that is by sending you the very best products to keep your mouth healthy and clean at a very affordable price. 

1. Charcoal Bristles

Our Bristles are black, thats because they are infused with Binchotan Charcoal. Not only does this that make them SUPER SOFT, but the charcoal and the lower profile bristles help eliminate bacteria. Simply put this is the softest, most comfortable toothbrush you will ever use.

2. They throw your toothbrush to you.

3. No Commitment

There’s no membership fees, no cancellation fees, no commission to high pressure sales guys. no restocking fees, No fees of any kind. And the same goes for commitment, contracts are for cowards. We know you will love our brushes, because of that you can quit the Club anytime you want. 

4. Molr Gives back

When we launched we had a contest to "Name our Pink Brush". Our winner Kay suggested we call it "Think Pink" and donate 10% of the sale of every pink brush towards Breast Cancer Research. So we did just that, and its only the beginning. We will soon have a cause attached to every brush we sell.

5. Sonicare Replacement Heads

If you have a sonicare toothbrush chances are you love it, that is until you have to replace the heads. Then they kind of suck, the heads are expensive and to save any money you have to buy 6 at a time.

We took our same charcoal bristles and put them in heads compatible with most sonicare brushes and then we ship them to you exactly when you need them, at a fraction of the price you pay in stores.

6. They Love Dinosaurs

If you scroll back up and look at the screenshot for that video, Dinosaurs. Look on the back of every brush package, dinosaurs. Nobody is quite sure why the Molr founders love dinosaurs so much. It must be a combination of too many late night Jurassic Park viewings and the fact that Dinosaur's had the greatest teeth know to history.


This is just a small taste of why people love Molr Dental Club. But like Rollercoasters and the Cronut, you will never really know until you experience it for yourself.


To keep the party going, Click on the Tablet, join the club and #KeepSmiling








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"Think Pink"

So when were starting this little adventure we wanted to keep it fun, we named our brushes dumb things like "Breakfast at Stephanies" and "The Nighthawk", then we had the idea to run a contest to name one of the brushes. We thought it would be a light way to interact with our new friends. Again, to keep it fun!

The names started rolling in, "Molar Expedition" "Molly Cleanwald" and "Berry Clean" just to name a few. Then one day, I checked Instagram to see the new suggestions and there it was, a comment from our winner Kay " "Think Pink" and have a percentage of the sales go to breast cancer awareness"

What a great idea! We, as most companies do these days, have had many conversations as how can we make a contribution to help others, we had yet to find a good fit. With Kay's simple comment it all made sense. We found our fit.

As many of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. You see Pink ribbons, pink cleats on sundays, its everywhere. So what we are doing here is simple. For every Pink brush sold, we will donate 10% to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and not just for October, from this point on.

Cancer sucks, we have all been affected by it one way or another. We here at Molr can do our small part to helping create a future without breast cancer. Our Mission is to keep peoples mouths healthy and happy, together, we hope to be able to put a few more smiles on a few more faces.


Jeff Hill

Co-Founder Molr Dental Club

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Name our pink brush

So we have to be honest, we ran out of creative juice.

We named all our brushes but when it came to the pink brush we were drawing blanks. Despite all our best efforts we couldn’t come up with anything. So this is where you come in.

If you can name our pink brush we will give you a free year of Molr along with some other great prizes.

Here’s how to gain toothbrush immortality!

Go to our Instagram page @molr_dc

Find a picture of our pink brush, tag a friend and give us your best name. We will narrow it down, go into the woods and come up with a winner.

We are going to name a winner by Mid October so stay tuned!

Thanks for your help, we really needed it!

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Do I even need to floss?

Hey there, welcome to our site. This is my first time writing a blog post, and you took the time out of your day to read about floss. So let me sum this up... inexperienced writer + writing about boring subject = this will probably suck. 

I will try to make is short and sweet for the both of us. But when I thought about writing about floss, my first thought was "John Oliver" and not because of that stupid hacky joke about the British having bad teeth. 

Recently the Huffington post came out with an article entitled:

"Benefits of Flossing are unproven".

To a guy about to launch an oral health care company this was alarming. I read it through twice and thought, "Well nobody likes flossing anyway, this will come as welcome news" Then I thought again... "John Oliver". Recently This Week Tonight's weekly essay was directed at Scientific studies:

When you watch this, it makes you reread "Benefits of Flossing are unproven" a little more skeptically. Now I know you may say... "But you are making a living selling floss" and you would be right.

But you know somebody that doesn't make money selling floss? your dentist. In fact, they make money when your teeth are terrible. If your Dentist tells you to floss you should floss; and anybody that has fished out a chunk of steak out of their teeth 4 hours after eating steak knows they are probably right. But don't listen to me or to British comedians. Do what we all know is right and talk to your Dentist. Then when you do, come back here and let us deliver your floss to you (its black and fancy looking). 

Take Care and #KeepSmiling!

Jeff Hill

co-founder of Molr 


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