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June 08, 2016

Hey there, welcome to our site. This is my first time writing a blog post, and you took the time out of your day to read about floss. So let me sum this up... inexperienced writer + writing about boring subject = this will probably suck. 

I will try to make is short and sweet for the both of us. But when I thought about writing about floss, my first thought was "John Oliver" and not because of that stupid hacky joke about the British having bad teeth. 

Recently the Huffington post came out with an article entitled:

"Benefits of Flossing are unproven".

To a guy about to launch an oral health care company this was alarming. I read it through twice and thought, "Well nobody likes flossing anyway, this will come as welcome news" Then I thought again... "John Oliver". Recently This Week Tonight's weekly essay was directed at Scientific studies:

When you watch this, it makes you reread "Benefits of Flossing are unproven" a little more skeptically. Now I know you may say... "But you are making a living selling floss" and you would be right.

But you know somebody that doesn't make money selling floss? your dentist. In fact, they make money when your teeth are terrible. If your Dentist tells you to floss you should floss; and anybody that has fished out a chunk of steak out of their teeth 4 hours after eating steak knows they are probably right. But don't listen to me or to British comedians. Do what we all know is right and talk to your Dentist. Then when you do, come back here and let us deliver your floss to you (its black and fancy looking). 

Take Care and #KeepSmiling!

Jeff Hill

co-founder of Molr