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About Molr

Molr was founded the Summer of 2016 but our story goes back about a year. Ben and Jeff are lifelong friends, born and raised in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. In 2010 they started a company making the worlds fanciest garages, that company did well on Ben’s strengths in design and Jeff’s marketing prowess.

It was during an especially busy time that Jeff, who was a customer of one of those online shaving companies, was applauding the convenience of the service. Ben went home and recalled that conversation as he stared down at his worn down, old toothbrush and thought “why doesn’t somebody ship me a toothbrush?”

He went online and saw that there was no service like that available and boom; the seeds of what would become Molr Dental Club were planted.

Ben and Jeff went to work. They Designed a simple, elegant brush and talked to as many dental professionals as they could (it was easy, their fantasy football league already had 3 dentists in it. They are good guys and good dentists but they suck at fantasy football).

Molr would love to help simplify your brushing routine, and help protect your beautiful smile. Thanks for checking us out, if you ever want to talk we are here to help.