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December 08, 2017

This time of year is all about lists, best of the year, "My favourite things", a recap of all that was good about this year. These lists are great, they help you sort through everything and find the best of the best.

One thing you learn is that there are levels to everything. There is always that better pair of jeans, those better shoes or your favourite bottle of wine. Some things are better than others, but can the same thing be said of Activated Charcoal for teeth whitening?

When we launched our C+C Whitening factory we were aware that there were alternatives in the market, that didn't stop us from trying to make the best. What we came up with was our own proprietary blend of Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay. We were proud of it, we knew it worked.

But still we got asked: "Is Activated Charcoal bad for my teeth?"

That question often followed with some variation of "My sister is a dental hygienist and she says its the worst for your teeth" and our response was... "well some is, but ours isn't".

We knew we needed to do better than that, so we did. We submitted our C+C whitening Factory to undergo a RDA (Relative Dentine Absrasivity) test performed by the Oral Health Research Institute at Indiana University. This test is used to determine how abrasive an oral health care product is. Every Toothpaste you have heard of goes through this testing. 

The scale for this testing is 1-200; 1 meaning it is non-abrasive, 200 meaning that it is bad for your teeth and should not be used. Here is a chart of most of the common toothpastes and their RDA scores.


Indiana University tested our Activated Charcoal product eight times. From that testing they assigned a mean RDA score for the product. So what was it? 

The RDA for Molr's C+C Whitening Factory is 27.3!!!

This means that our Activated Charcoal is half as abrasive as regular Colgate toothpaste, pretty great huh?!? 

So back to my question; Is Activated Charcoal Bad for your teeth? 

Just like Wine and Coffee, there are levels to the quality of any product. We have gone the distance, done the research and our proprietary blend has been determined extremely safe by the Doctors at Indiana University.

As for those other products you see? They might just be cheap boxed wine.

If you would like to see the methodology or the testing that was used to determine our RDA score please email us brush@molr.co