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Molr Wireless LED Teeth Whitening Kit

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White Teeth on the go. No Wires, No Mess

Molr introduces our Wireless LED Teeth whitening kit. 

Click your magic whitening wand, apply the whitening serum to your teeth and simply put the wireless mouthpiece in. 

Our Wireless system lets you whiten your teeth quickly without being tied to a wire. That means you can whiten your teeth while dancing in your kitchen or making your bed (which your mom would appreciate).


Whats included?

This package ships with the following:

- Our Wireless LED Teethwhiting mouthpiece, 24 cool light LED's will work to ensure all your teeth get the attention they deserve.

- 3 Whitening wands with our safe, non-sensitive , whitening serum. The 3 wands give you about 80 treatments.

- Charging cord for the Wireless Charger.