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“The Positive”

Biodegradable Toothbrush

Twice a day you have a love affair with your toothbrush. But after 3 months the magic is gone and you toss it away to live a 1000 year life of loneliness in the landfill.

The Positive is different; when it is time to turn the page on your relationship simply snap off the head. Throw the bristles in the recycling and the body in the compost and send our brush back to mother nature.

With Molr your teeth will always feel clean; with The Positive the beach will too.

  • Bioplastic handle
  • Binchotan charcoal infused bristles, still extra soft on your teeth and gums
  • Eco Friendly, sustainable, magic

Next time you look at your toothbrush, picture a bunch of them lined up in a row. Now imagine this:

Each year in the US and Canada enough toothbrushes are thrown away to circle the earth 4 times! 

Help us make that line a little shorter. 

Brush with Molr.